Terms & Conditions for employers

We offer two search options, both of which are detailed below and should be read prior to posting job vacancies. For further information, please contact us.

Contingency search
This type of search is based on successful results only. There is no fee due to THS unless or until the client has selected a potential candidate and provided written confirmation of intent to employ.

Our fees for carrying out this search are:

1. Fee equal to 170% of one (1) month net salary will be charged to and applied to all candidates.

Retainer search
THS fees for conducting this search, screening and selection of a candidate as the exclusive search company are 10% of the annual commencing salary. Fees are payable in advance and will be deducted from the final invoice.

Fees and guarantees
Negotiable discounts based on agreed annual targets are available to regular and long standing clients using THS services on an exclusive basis.

We guarantee all our placements for a 3 month period or as otherwise agreed. Should the candidate for any reason resign or have his/her contract terminated within this period, we undertake to find and provide a replacement at no charge provided the client has already paid the agreed fee in accordance with our placement contract.



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