An introduction for employers

Select Tiger Hospitality Search as your Recruitment Consultant and your expectations and individual requirements will be met in every respect.

Rigorous screening
This is because Tiger Hospitality Search not only invests time in understanding your company culture, business goals and job requirements, we also adopt one of the most rigorous candidate-screening and selection procedures in the industry.

Seamless integration
Finding hospitality industry professionals who can integrate seamlessly into your business environment is both time consuming and hard. When you let us do the search, we will conduct an extensive series of reference checks, behavioural assessments and psychological tests in order that only the very best and most appropriate candidates are selected.

Longterm partnerships
We believe firmly in forging strong, lasting relationships that assure the longterm success of our partners as well as our candidates. It is not for nothing that we have earned our reputation for passion, dedication and involvement.

Creating global hospitality synergy
But it is perhaps our motto which more than anything else sums up our approach to hospitality recruitment. At Tiger Hospitality Search we do not talk about placing the right person in the right job. Instead, we talk about creating global hospitality synergy.