Cooking with Liquid Nitrogen in the Real World

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The artic seems like the Sahara next to this bad boy!! Challenging the traditional ideas and styles of cooking and eating, step inside the kitchen with as we see the instruments and experimental techniques of the laboratory used in the kitchen!

Saucepans and test tubes? These are not the standard kitchen utensils that you are likely to discover side by side! Have you ever tried to make a soufflé and been somewhat dumb founded that no matter how precise you follow the recipe instructions it NEVER RISES!! The soufflé that is.

I bet your school days of studying chemistry, biology and physics shall seem all the more worth while as you see the same techniques applied on food! PLEASE check that you have a good insurance policy before trying this in the comfort of your own home!

Did you know that there is in fact a mathematical equation that can explain that?! I for one am not going to waste your time in trying to explain. Molecular Gastronomy deals with the sensory phenomena associated with eating and the astonishing culinary journey your palette undergoes as it transforms the simplest of foods into the most amazing experiences! in it.

Cooking is not the same as molecular gastronomy. Cooking which is referred to by the Molecular guru’s as a craft that aims at the production of good, molecular however is aimed at knowledge!

Read more about it or watch short videos that explains the use of Liquid Nitrogen, before you start “cooking” as a beginner. This safety that must be considered when dealing with temperatures of -196 degrees and also the molecular treats that one can create!

Thermal Gloves and Goggles being used as safety equipment where traditionally aprons would suffice! 236 litres of Liquid Nitrogen being stored in your kitchen! … Some would argue recipe for disaster?!

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