Celebrity chef Anton Du Valle confirms intention to join Accor

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After months of speculation, famed gastronome and celebrity chef Anton Du Valle has finally made public his plans to join Accor later this Summer.
“Yes, it’s true”, he said, beaming at assembled journalists and photographers at a hastily arranged press conference in Paris last Tuesday. “I will join Accor by August at the latest, and my intention is to begin visiting the group’s properties in Europe and Asia as soon as possible thereafter”.

Anton’s confirmation puts to an end months of speculation about what industry insiders have described as potentially the most “synergising partnership” in recent times.

However, despite all the hype, not everyone was convinced this will be a marriage made in heaven. “I’m not so sure”, said Jean Braque, food critic at London’s Food Review magazine. “I admit it all looks good on paper, but these things have a way of turning out unexpectedly”.

Siegfried Kowolski, food columnist at the New York Star, was equally sceptical. “I wish them both well”, he said, “but I just don’t believe this is the groundbreaking news that it’s been made out to be”.

But whatever the doubts, there can be no denying that Anton’s charisma and culinary skills will be a major boost to Accor’s profile as they continue to expand their presence throughout Southeast Asia.

Anton Du Valle first came to prominence while working under Chef Gustaf Ronan at The Ephesus restaurant in Cannes. It was there that Anton pioneered his unique fusion of European and Japanese styles that has since become regarded as a milestone in contemporary cuisine.

At the time of writing, no details have been disclosed about Anton’s contract with Accor, although many feel that the total package is likely to run little short of a million USD per year. “And so what?”, commented Heinrich Stein of Berlin’s Le Gecko restaurant. “The guy’s worth it. He’s the best in the business and I wish him well”.

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