Hospitality e-books & Journals

Job Descriptions: Sales & Marketing

A must have selection of Sales & Marketing Job Descriptions, ideal for setting your hotel standards and refining your basics for overall training.
36 USD

Job descriptions: Accounting & Finance

A complete selection of Accounting & Finance job descriptions.
56 USD

Hotel Master Critical Path

A detailed safety check list that focuses on the various hotel areas and reviews them according to their severity codes.
16 USD

Hotel Life Safety Inspection

This detailed, comprehensive guide is ideal for General Mangers, RM’s and EAM’s.

Mock Up Room Check List

A product standard checklist designed to be used by GM’s and interior designers.
11 USD

General Manager Countdown Check List

A very specific countdown list needed for every General Manager during the pre-opening phase
12 USD

Administration Countdown

A detailed schedule for all pre-opening preparations in room division.
11 USD

Welcome Charter & Main Manual

A comprehensive selection of SOP’s needed for a full hotel operation.
109 USD

Welcome Charter & SOP’s

A comprehensive selection of basic but essential hotel SOP’s required for the various departments.
73 USD