Hospitality e-books & Journals

Wine Encyclopaedia

A must-have for every Beverage Manager. This extensive encyclopaedia covers numerous topics, including..
33 USD

Bar Manual

With 104 pages this collection of beverage & bar basics is perfect for F&B & Beverage Managers.
78 USD

Food & Beverage Checklists

This selection of check lists is ideal for F&B personnel and Restaurant Managers.
35 USD

Policies & Procedures: Restaurant

An extensive agenda featuring 68 topics of P&P needed for the daily F&B operation.
73 USD

Standard Operation Procedures: Restaurant / F&B

A must-have selection of F&B SOP’s. Ideal both as a guide to setting your standards during pre-opening and..
167 USD

The Fine Art Of service Recovery

A Power Point Presentation, this compact manual covers all aspects of service recovery.
25 USD

F&B Service Handbook

With 41 pages of F&B guidelines, this manual is a good training tool for apprentices and trainees.
31 USD

F&B Policy Handbook

A fundamental Policy & Procedure manual which touches issues as..
15 USD

F&B Induction Manual

This handbook is the “bible” for every new F&B team member coming on board.
15 USD